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Men's Fitness Magazine calls 4-Minute Fitness
"...the FASTEST workout that produces REAL results."


Now You Can Get a Complete TOTAL Body Workout
in Just FOUR Minutes WITHOUT Special Equipment,
in Just 6 Feet of Space, Whether You're a
Professional Athlete or A Professional Couch Potato.

If you don't have the time to spend hours working out, don't have the money for expensive health clubs, don't want to fill your house with thousands of dollars of exercise equipment that will probably be used for a coat rack, if your sick of spending hundreds of dollars on diet pills that only seem to work for the models in the ads, but DO WANT TO:

  • Watch fat melt off your body almost from day ONE
  • Build the lean, sleek physique of a gymnast
  • Shock your friends and family with how quickly fat your body transforms itself
  • Get all these benefits in FOUR MINUTES a day!

... then this letter will be the fitness breakthrough you've only dreamed of.

Dear Friend,

Imagine doing some simple exercises while you wait for your dinner to come out of the microwave. Or squeezing in a total body, fat burning workout during the commercial break of your favorite TV show! Or using less than HALF of your coffee break to become lean, buff, energized. Or getting an hour's worth of exercise in the time it takes for your shower to heat up!

Imagine waking up in the morning in just 30 days and seeing muscles where you used to see flab. Running up a flight of stairs that used to leave you winded to climb. Playing with your kids or grandkids and having THEM be the ones that get tired first!

If you're fed up with diets that don't work, workouts that take too long and don't produce results, of living less than your fullest potential because you don't have the time or money to work out, then get ready to celebrate, because...

Now You Can Finally Get Lean, Fit and Fabulous... In Just FOUR Minutes a Day... Without Ever Going To The Gym... With No Fancy Equipment

When you try the first Four Minute Workout -- the workout Men's Fitness called "The fastest workout on the planet, that produces REAL results," you'll know you're on the road to the body you've only hoped you could get.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll experience when you try the Four Minute Workout :

         Turn on your fat burning furnace, so it works 24 hours a day

         Build lean, strong, sexy muscle

         Turn your heart into a powerful aerobic machine

         Feel and see genuine results within 7 days

         Have your friends wonder what happened to you, since they haven't seen you spend hours in the gym!

I WANT You To Be Skeptical!

Look, I know you've seen the ads on TV just like I have. They convince you that to get the body you want, you need to work at LEAST 20 minutes, 3 times per week (using their $2,000 equipment). Or that by just taking some magic pill, you'll become supermodel thin.

I don't want you to believe that you can get even better results in just 4 minutes a day.

I want you to TRY IT and PROVE it to yourself. Because there's nothing I can say that's as important as your results. I'm not going to try to convince you that Four Minute Workouts can take you to the next level -- whether you're trying to lose the first of 100 pounds, or wanting to drop 10 seconds off your 10k time.

I just want to show you WHY this workout WORKS. And then make it SO EASY for you to prove it for yourself that you can't think of any reason NOT to take 240 SECONDS out of your day for a few days and see the results for yourself!

So, here's how it works...

Work Out LESS If You Want More Results!

When I had to create the Four Minute Workout, what I discovered is a mathematical fat burning, muscle building equation:


What does that mean?

Total Kinesthetic Recruitment plus Time Separated Training equals a TECHNICAL KNOCK OUT workout.

I know, that doesn't make much more sense. So, let me explain it, because when you understand TKR + TST, you'll see your friends who spend hours on treadmills or stair climbers or using expensive fitness gadgets, and you'll laugh as they continue to get no results, and you watch your body transform itself, day-by-day, with these simple Four Minute Workouts.

Total Kinesthetic Recruitment means that each exercise in the Four Minute Workout uses your WHOLE BODY!

Think about it, when you go to a normal gym, some "trainer" (who is probably more interested in making sure you pay your monthly dues than actually get in shape!) will show you dozens of exercises. One for your biceps. Another for your triceps (the back of your arm, the part that can get flabby). One for the front of your legs. A different one for the back of your legs (do I need to say "cellulite"?)

If each exercise takes 2 minutes, you're looking at 20-30 minutes worth of exercises. And that doesn't include the time it takes to walk from machine to machine, let alone give your body the REST it needs for maximum results!

But what if, instead of breaking your body into parts, you could work your ENTIRE body with one exercise?

Well, you can!

In fact, when you the Four Minute Workout, you'll discover 15 different exercises that use everything from your feet to your forehead. Eventually, you'll be able to pick the ones that you like the best, the ones that you KNOW are hitting those places where you want to turn fat into lean, sculpted, sexy muscle.

I'm Serious. Do EVEN LESS If You Want
To See The FASTEST Results!

TST is Time Separated Training.

Which do you think produces more fat loss and greater fitness: running for 20 minutes, non-stop... or running for just TEN minutes (1 minute run, 1 minute rest, repeat) in that same 20 minute time?

Hundreds of studies show that the second workout, where you cut the workout time in HALF and then split that into tiny chunks produces the greatest fat loss and fitness gains possible.

Using TST, or what some people call "interval training", you not only burn calories like throwing kerosene on a fire, but you KEEP BURNING FAT for up to TEN HOURS!

In the Four Minute Workout, you'll switch between 10-20 second "work" periods, and 20 second "rest" periods. This gives you the MAXIMUM benefits of TST.

So, that's what makes Four Minute Workouts the ultimate solution:

Save time by using your WHOLE body, and turn up the FAT burning thermostat by "thin slicing time."

Starting to get the picture (the one with you in better shape by doing LESS than ever), aren't you?

Perfect for Couch Potatoes AND Professional Athletes

It doesn't matter if you've never worked out a day in your life, if the only exercise you get is running to the fridge before Desperate Housewives starts, or if you've been training for years, but want to get better results in less time.

The Four Minute Workout is completely adjustable.

If you think you're totally out of shape and can barely tie your shoes without getting winded, you'll see how to get started at a level that's perfect for you. In fact, you'll only be working for 1 minute during the whole workout.

Or when you get lean and fit and want more of a challenge, the EXACT SAME workout, with a couple of simple twists, can put a professional athlete on her knees, begging it to stop!

And it couldn't be easier.

Just pop the Four Minute Workout DVD in your DVD player, hit "Play" and follow along with me as I workout with you. You'll see EXACTLY how to do the exercises, in real-time. And you'll be told exactly how long to rest with a big "countdown" timer on your screen.

WARNING:  Four Minute Workouts ARE NOT For Wimps!

Even though you can adjust the workout to your needs, these workouts are tough. If you want a wimpy personal trainer to coddle you and take it easy on you, then this program isn't for you.

While you will only workout for 4 minutes at a time, these 4 minutes will be very hard. Sometimes, you might not even get through the full workout. You WILL be out of breath. You WILL be pushing throughout the workout.

But that's how you get the best results. It's a compact workout that truly works.

I want you to know that you'll be working, but I don't want you to be scared. I mean, think about it, we're talking about a TOTAL of 240 seconds! And a total amount of actual exercising of as little as 90 seconds!

By the way, if you've ever tried some other workout video where you get bored out of your mind with the workout, that won't happen here.

Aside from the fact that it's hard to get bored in only FOUR MINUTES, the Four Minute Workout DVD comes with TEN DIFFERENT muscle-pumping, fat stripping workouts.

Workout starting to feel "familiar", just pick another!

Save Over $14,587... Seriously!

Some people can't believe you can get a complete workout, one that can make you proud to strip down to your bathing suit, in just Four Minutes.

But Alf Temme has been proving those people wrong for years.

He has an exercise machine called the ROM that sells for almost FIFTEEN THOUSANDS DOLLARS! (and it weighs a TON and would fill up most of the room you put it in)

He says that 97% of the people who try his machine keep it because they see HUGE benefits in only 4 minutes a day... did I mention it was FOURTEEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FIFTEEN DOLLARS?!

I think the Four Minute Workout is even more effective than his ROM machine. AND, you can do them ANYWHERE -- inside, outside, in your living room, your kitchen, in a park... there's even one you can do in an airplane bathroom!

You don't need any fancy equipment, springs, pulleys or silly gadgets.

You can do a Four Minute Workout while you wait for your lunch to come out of the microwave!

So, it's up to you. Buy the $14,615 ROM machine, or grab the Four Minute Workout DVDs.

You Could Have Lost 1/4 Pound In The Time
It Took You To Get To This Sentence!

With the Four Minute Workout, you can ramp up your metabolism to burn up to 879 extra calories per day. That's equal to a quarter pound of fat per day. Almost 2 pounds per week. So, in the time it took you to read this far into this letter, you could have turned up your body's thermostat to lose a quarter pound.

Don't waste another day either NOT working out, or working out TOO MUCH!

Get your copy of the Four Minute Workout now.



OR Save $10 by getting BOTH...


You have no risk whatsoever...so get started right away!"



Georgette Pann
Personal Training and Nutrition Studio  

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